collaboration_2Anbor Consulting specializes in generating rapid and sustainable improvements for companies through process optimization and waste elimination. We achieve this by implementing Lean Manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methods using Kaizen methodology. We implement changes and we train the personnel to be lean.

We help companies to improve operationally, face changes in customer expectations with flexibility and speed and we train their personnel to think the lean way. Every company has a different set of requirements and areas for improvement. We therefore approach each situation with an open mind, along the dedication and perseverance needed to achieve the stated goals. Specifically we work on reducing inventories and cycle times, on procedure standardization, on achieving dynamic material and information flow and on quality improvement. Our working approach does not look for high or new investments but instead to optimize the existing resources

Through this operational process optimization we achieve quantifiable results within short periods of time. The goal, even during the first weeks of our consultants being “on spot”, is to observe an overall improvement in the throughput, client (internal or external) satisfaction and incidents frequency.

We work under structured and proven methodology. Our projects have clearly defined scope´s & goal´s, with the main aim being cost reduction or operational efficiency improvements. The bottom line is to achieve an increase in earnings.