greenhopper-red-green-blue-as-single-teamAnbor Consulting was founded in June 1999 in Barcelona. Currently we are a team of professional engineers and economists with long experience in consulting companies on how to improve their operations. With knowhow and references in almost any singular industry and we are happy to position ourselves as Lean Specialists.

The Anbor Consulting team has “hands on” working method, therefore most duties are carried out at our client’s facilities. Our team is multilingual and also offers the benefits of being flexible on travel requirements. Projects vary in both length and type, our first rule however, is always to build and maintain a lasting relationship with our clients.

We start our work by analyzing the operations. Only then do we identify areas for improvement, we decide on changes to implement together with the client and implement them in teams. We carry out the follow up and we train the personnel. The final result of our job are not manuals or bullet point presentations, but real changes on the shop-floor or the offices that, sometimes, imply a pivot point in the company’s working model. The way we sustain these changes is through trained and prepared personnel capable of working in a leaner way.